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Alan Button Memorial Lifetime Hunting License Award

Walter Alan Button was one of the founders of the Jayhawk Quail Unlimited/Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, located in Lawrence, Kansas.  He served on the Board of Directors of that group for over 30 years.  Alan had often expressed his desire that QUWF supports the hunting tradition by awarding a young person a lifetime hunting license. 

Alan was a passionate hunter and an exceptional shot. Whether hunting for pheasant, quail, or turkey, Alan's instincts and accuracy often led him to reach his daily limit so early that he'd spend the rest of the day helping his hunting partners reach theirs. Alan loved training his dogs and watching them work. He raised several German Shorthairs, including Molly, Dottie, Samantha, Heidi, Sadie, and Kate.

Please support Alan’s love of hunting and the outdoors by submitting your application for the opportunity to earn a FREE Lifetime Hunting License in Alan’s memory.  The winner will be selected at our Jayhawk Chapter of QUWF banquet on September 30th, 2023, in Lawrence, Kansas.

Who is eligible

  • All boys and girls who are 11-17 years old at the time of the banquet

  • Kansas residents only

Application process

Selection Process

  • Eligible participants will be determined by the board as

    • Completing at least 2 hours of conservation-related service work as determined by parent/guardian/supervisor signature and work description.

    • A complete write-up with pictures or other media showing the work

    • Having made a clear case of what a lifetime hunting license would mean to you.

  • All eligible participants will be invited to attend the banquet with parents/guardians for free. 

  • All eligible submissions will be entered into a random draw, with the winner of the draw receiving a lifetime license. The announcement of the winner will occur at the banquet.

To submit, send an email to with the following:

  • First and Last Name

  • Date of birth

  • Home Address

  • Parent/Guardian Name

  • Parent/guardian’s phone number

  • Parent/guardian’s e-mail address

  • Submit a short write-up explaining

    • The conservation-related service activity/activities you participated in.

    • Explain how you got your hands dirty and/or equipment dusty to help the habitat, wildlife, and conservation.

    • Explain what this lifetime hunting license in Kansas would mean to you.

    • If possible, include a picture or pictures documenting the work or the outcomes of the work.


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